There is nothing more powerful than your own mind.

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Help yourself grow better habits or outgrow bad ones. We've got you all covered up with 172 sessions available.

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The I Can Be Anything™ apps will help you overcome any emotional or cognitive challenges you may experience during a lifetime. Each I Can Be Anything™ session will expose you to a very powerful message. By listening to an audio session once a day for two weeks, you will improve your well-being and strengthen your sense of self. When your thoughts and emotions are modified, your actions will also change, making it easier for you to achieve and sustain a good life. The I Can Be Anything™ programs will help you:

  •   Reduce your external sensory input
  •   Enhance your internal focus and concentration
  • Clear old, negative, emotional content from the body and mind
  • Make your mind more receptive to learning new thoughts and ideas

The Learning Mind

Quality of life is a keystone in the I Can Be Anything™ philosophy. Many of us carry habits, phobias or patterns around that inhibit us from living our lives to the fullest. By making use of the structures and workings of the learning mind that each of us carry with us through life, it is possible to learn new habits and unlearn unwanted habits that stand in the way of what we really want.

The I Can Be Anything™ method is a tool created for people who want to set themselves free. The method used in the recordings makes use of the latest advancements in the area of human neural activity. The recordings will help your brain become more receptive through neuroplastic suggestion. "Neuroplasticity" is a fancy word for the way the neurons in the brain learn new neural pathways, weakens bad neural pathways and strengthens beneficial neural pathways. Listening to the I Can Be Anything™ sessions will make you feel relaxed and open to beneficial suggestions.

At I Can Be Anything™, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on the world.

With a total of 12 localized apps released in Europe, Australia and the US on IOS™, Android™ and Blackberry™, I Can Be Anything™ is making it easier for more and more people to enjoy life as they were supposed to. Our project has been widely acknowledged: With more than 7000 user reviews and a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, the user fan base speaks for itself. The I Can Be Anything™ team consists of 20 dedicated minds serving a rapidly growing base of currently one million individuals around the globe. With more than 20 years of experience in the personal development industry and analytical science-based work with human behavior, we take pride in developing honest and sound products that really work.

Jacob Strachotta,
Founding Partner

Jacob Strachotta co-founded I Can Be Anything™ in 2009 following more than a decade of extensive work and research within the field of human behavior. Jacob's ground-breaking results and methods have now been implemented in the I Can Be Anything™ product suit, making years of accumulated knowledge and expertise virtually available for every person on the planet. Formerly, Jacob was Head of Software Development in the software company Mark Information, following 11 years of dedicated service as a Captain in the Royal Danish Air Force.

Ditte Strachotta,
Founding Partner

With a passion for unleashing our individual human potential, Ditte Strachotta co-founded I Can Be Anything™ in 2009, and now unfolds her understanding of the good emotional life on a global scale. Prior to founding I Can Be Anything™, Ditte served in the Danish Government Administration and Cimber/Sterling Airlines, applying her competencies within human relations and her energetic and uncompromising ways of turning problems into solutions to both organizations.

Magnus Bergentz,
Audio Engineer

Magnus is the guy at the studio that knows how to make stuff sound the way it should sound together with other stuff. Magnus records the sound that the Jacob narrates and then he has to manipulate it with the EQ, and the compression, and the gates, and all the other little toys, into sounding like a great session when he’s mixing it.

12 apps - endless possibilites

Whatever it is about yourself that you would like to improve, with the help of I Can Be Anything™, the solution is in your hand.

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